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Is Reflexology Covered under Insurance?

Updated: May 11, 2021

Many people ask, is Reflexology covered under my insurance plan? That is a two part answer. Insurance companies do recognize Reflexology as a modality they will cover. However; it is up to your administrators to have chosen this modality as part of your companies personal plan. If your company does not cover this modality specifically, often times there may be a “wellness” section which covers other modalities or your "health spending account". But if you really want your company to cover your reflexology sessions, let your HR department know, the administrator in your office or your union rep. They have a host of benefits that could be covered under your plans and if they do not know a) what reflexology is and its benefits to their employees or b) do not realize you even would want this covered, it often gets missed when picking mainstream benefits. I have letters that can be sent to your HR department or union representatives. Let them know that this is something you would like covered. And if you are retired and on a union retirement benefits plan, it is worth the question to see if this can be included. Remember, you pay for these benefits, make sure it is something you want to use it for!

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