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Laurena Yurkowski Reflexology

& Holistic Healing

Healing the body through Your feet

Reflexology has been a complimentary therapy which was documented since the early  1900's however; there has been evidence of hand and foot therapy as far back as 4000 B.C. in China and Egypt. 


Reflexology gained popularity in the 1917 when Dr. Fitzgerald co-authored the book Zone Therapy.  Pressure and reflexing points within these zones would provide relief of aches and pains in the bones, muscles and organs of the body.

Reflexology is a natural healing therapy based on the principle that there are “reflex” points on the feet, hands or ears that correspond to every part of your body. 


The reflexologist applies finger, thumb, and hand pressure to these areas on the feet, to influence the health of the corresponding organ or body part.   Reflexology can assist in regaining or maintaining a healthier functioning body and assist the body’s own natural healing process.


Joe Pinto

Neck and Sleeping Issues

Awesome foot work it sure helps with my neck and sleeping issues

Ruby Marr

Happy Feet

Always enjoy my sessions with Laurena. What could be better than having a relaxing foot massage and reap all the benefits from head to toe – no pun intended.

Gary Patterson

Sanity Restored

I found a safe, informal atmosphere in which to restore some sanity.

Beth Ellis

A Wonderful Feeling

My problem is with my feet, neck and shoulders, I see Laurena once a week. After a session with her my feet are usually good for 3/4 days and then it's time for another session. Today she knew that I had a bit of a headache all just from working on my feet. It's true there's nothing better than having a relaxing foot massage. This is something that I will keep doing.

Gary Patterson

First Session

My daughter gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, thinking that a reflexology session would be enjoyable, relaxing, and beneficial for me. She was absolutely correct so I am booking more sessions and paying for them myself.

John Menzies

Dartmouth, NS

Reflexology treatment

My first appointment was exceptional and I look forward to seeing how continuing treatment improves my wellbeing. Thank you Laurena.

Caroline O'Shea

Truro, NS

I’m new to the area and was looking for a reflexologist that I could connect with and I have certainly found that with Laurena. I really liked how she took the time to understand my goals and my background. I also enjoyed getting to know her. She creates a very comfortable environment where healing can take place with the help of her healing touch. I’m feeling thankful after my first visit and look forward to the next.

Steve Wallingford

Breathing Easier

1st visit with Laurena

Very professional. Walked me thru the procedures she was doing. As she predicted , feeling a little tired but my breathing is a little easier than before. Thank you Laurena.

Kathleen Tingley

Feeling Relaxed and Restored

Had my second appointment with Laurena today and it was amazing again. The best way that I can describe the effect is that I have an increased feeling of well being - I feel completely relaxed and pain free, although blissfully tired, although I may have showed up for the appointment that way, minus the bliss! Everyone should treat themselves to this experience.

Annette Brown

Bowels moving easier...

I find the sessions very informative. Laurens is very willing to share her knowledge. She is helping my bowels move easier and less painful.

Holly McNutt

Laurena is very knowledgeable and her treatments are very effective, healing, and relaxing. I highly recommend her!!

Carmelita Tucker

Professional and Relaxing

A wonderful second session with Laurena today! Learning a lot about my body and my aches and pains! Very professional and relaxing. Will be rebooking again next week.


Cinda Willager

Truro, NS

I had the most amazing Reflexology done with Laurena. She is so professional as well as comfortable to be around! I can actually feel a difference. Do yourselves a favor and have a wont be sorry you did!! I am going back!!!!!


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