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Facial Reflexology

Last spring, I took a facial reflexology course. Any of you who have had the opportunity to experience facial reflexology have said things like;

"I have never felt this relaxed" "People have commented that I look refreshed" "My husband said my lines on my face were less" (yay!) "I haven't slept like that in years" "My sinuses have never felt this empty" "My mind was still"

Facial reflexology is like foot reflexology, there are pressure points on the face, that help send signals to different parts of the body to relax and release. It is a very gentle and methodic rhythm. Most clients usually slip into a deep relaxation within the first 10 minutes. If you are worried about being too close, I wear what I affectionately call my darth vadar outfit, a mask and shield so you are well protected. Book now and try it for yourself. If you already have a foot session booked and want to change it up, just let me know when you come in. Can't decide between feet, hands or face? Or do you want an energy top up? Add 1/2 hour onto your session to have an amazing experience.

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