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Back, neck, hips... oh my!

Has your neck and back become more sore over the last year? There was an increase of reading online, phone scrolling and Netflix and it has taken its toll on the body. Combined with the longest amount of snow on the ground I have experienced since moving to this province 6 years ago, has definitely decreased our walking time outside.

I was fortunate to take TOP1 (Treatment of Pain) structural reflexology for elimination of pain. Some of you will notice some different techniques being used to help with those stubborn structural issues including;

  • neck

  • hips

  • back

  • knees

  • migraines

  • TMJ

  • plantar fasciitis

  • and last but definitely not least... sciatica

If you have noticed an increase of muscle and joint pain, book your session now and let us put some spring back into your step!

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